Is the DAFwidget free?

Yes. The DAFwidget is completely free for organizations to use. Simple fill out this form to receive your script and ask your web team to add it to your website.

Why is the DAFwidget free?

When our Founder and CEO, Greg Warner, sees a problem, he fixes it.

In this case he saw the growth of donor-advised funds and realized too many organizations and institutions were missing the boat. Plus, while many in the sector saw them solely as “holding pens” for donor dollars, Greg saw them as opportunities waiting to be let loose. So he sought to develop an easy way for philanthropic-minded people to make an impact at no cost to anyone.

And so, the DAFwidget was born.

What’s the catch?

There is none. Greg spent his time and money to develop the DAFwidget because he wanted to help move more dollars, faster to good causes like yours. It’s all part of the philanthropic mindset here at MarketSmart.

How do I add a DAF that isn’t listed?

You can add a new fund that isn’t listed by filling out this form. Be sure to include the name of the Donor-Advised Fund or Family Foundation AND a link to the login page so donors can access their account.

Can I customize the DAFwidget?

Mostly. You can customize it using CSS. Ask your web developer inspect it — they should find some DAFwidget specific ids and classes to target (i.e., #daf_link).


Can I make the DAFwidget an iframe?

No, this is not available.

The DAFwidget isn’t showing on my site. How do I troubleshoot?

The DAFwidget does not work on wix websites or Apostrophe CMS websites.

Can I get reporting on who is using the DAFwidget?

For our paying customers who have purchased a MarketSmart System, yes, reporting is available.