Finally, a simple way to generate more DAF dollars

Make it easier for your donors to support your mission using their donor-advised funds today


Why get the DAFwidget?

Why Get the DAF Widget Comparison Chart

Convenience for donors

You already make it easy for supporters to make donations online using their credit cards, so why not do the same for those with donor-advised funds? DAFwidget makes it simple and convenient to find theirs among over 900 funds in our system.

Don’t get left out

In 2019, philanthropic-minded individuals contributed $38.81 billion to donor-advised funds and recommended more than $25 billion to go to charities. Did you get your share? The average DAF account holds $298,809. That’s a lot! And the money must go somewhere. With the average ‘gift’ over $4,000, why not open up a convenient channel straight to your organization?

Easy and FREE for nonprofits

Simply provide your name, organization name, email, and TAX ID Number to get the code your website manager needs. Remember, there’s no cost whatsoever. You’ve got nothing to lose (except a powerful opportunity to fund your mission).

Here’s what your DAFwidget will look like:


This is how the DAFwidget might look on your website
(Note: We recommend you place it below your online donation button):



Give now from your
Donor-Advised Fund



And this is what the widget pop-up looks like:

DAFWidget search modal

View examples and use cases on live sites below:


This is a no-brainer!

Before, the money was just sitting there. But now, it’s so easy for our supporters to ‘move the money’ they already put in their DAFs.

I think it’s our responsibility to make it easy and convenient for folks with donor-advised funds to be able to recommend their dollars go to our charity!

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When Greg sees a problem, he fixes it.

In this case he saw the growth of donor-advised funds and realized too many organizations and institutions were missing the boat. Plus, while many in the sector saw them solely as “holding pens” for donor dollars, Greg saw them as opportunities waiting to be let loose. So he sought to develop an easy way for philanthropic-minded people to make an impact at no cost to anyone.

And so, the DAFwidget was born.

What’s the catch?

There is none. Greg spent his time and money to develop the DAFwidget because he wanted to help move more dollars, faster to good causes like yours. It’s all part of the philanthropic mindset here at MarketSmart.